Baptism Sunday

Father’s Day 2019 at the Park in Alexandria at our old church home, The Sandfield Centre, we heard the testimonies of Ron Hutt, Janine Brown, Noah Taylor, Achsannah Taylor, Lucas Auer, Ivan Viau, Roxanne Viau, Marcel Bellefeuille, Joanne Bellefeuille. Be patient with the audio recording…it will be worth the wait!

New Testament Reading Series-Part 20

NT Series Part 20 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
June 9/2019 John 18 & 19
The decisions we make day to day affect our lives. Using Pontius Pilate as an example through a succession of scenes found in John chapters 18 and 19 this message will explore the question of, “How do we make godly decisions on a daily basis?”

New Testament Reading Series-Part 1

Reading the Word Together Matthew 1:1 – 5:26

Beginning with why the Bible is worth reading, we move to what Matthew says about three new arrivals, the arrival of the Son, the arrival of the Adversary, and the arrival of the first disciples.

By Pastor Bruce

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