New Testament Reading Series-Part 11

Our Unpredictable God.
It ought not to surprise us that God surprises us! We should not expect that we can totally predict what God will do in any situation.

New Testament Reading Series-Part 10

Mark 9:2-12:27
Let’s learn a key question …. What is the way of faith?

Can we discover God’s path–the path of faith — for resolving the conflicts and difficulties of everyday life?

By Pastor Bruce

New Testament Reading Series-Part 8

Mark 2

In this sermon we explore the scene where Jesus heals the paralyzed man. This healing has everything to do with Jesus’ authority to forgive sins.

By Pastor Bruce

New Testament Reading Series-Part 7

The Burial of Jesus
We have a good understanding of Jesus’ death and resurrection but do we know why it is important that Jesus was buried?

By Pastor Bruce

New Testament Reading Series-Part 6

Hypocrisy: Matthew 23

As we explore Jesus’ strong words directed at the Pharisees for their hypocrisy we will learn a key problem with hypocrisy… it is so easy to see this in others but so hard to recognize in ourselves.

New Testament Reading Series-Part 5

Matthew 20:1-16

We begin with this unusual saying by Jesus that “many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first” and then see how it plays out in the parable of the vineyard owner. One aspect of God’s character is splashed all over these texts and when we see it we can rejoice in it and we can learn to emulate God.

New Testament Reading Series-Part 3

Matthew 10:1-23 Jesus Equips His People

In this section we will explore how Jesus equips us for ministry with authority, with direction and with realistic expectations. We will explore the following questions… “Do we have the same authority of the Apostles over the demonic?” “Where is God directing you to take the message of Jesus today?” Is it realistic to think that we will get a consistent receptive response to the gospel?

New Testament Reading Series-Part 2

“The God who Sees Us” Scriptures are from Matthew 5:27-9:17

(Jesus’ sermon on the mount)
We will explore the important truth of checking our own motivation. Why do we do what we do? What does it mean that God sees us and how are our lives are affected by this fact?

By Pastor Bruce

New Testament Reading Series-Part 1

Reading the Word Together Matthew 1:1 – 5:26

Beginning with why the Bible is worth reading, we move to what Matthew says about three new arrivals, the arrival of the Son, the arrival of the Adversary, and the arrival of the first disciples.

By Pastor Bruce