Welcome to Revive Alexandria

We are a collection of people who have found faith in Jesus Christ or are still exploring what it means to have faith in Jesus. We like to think of ourselves as a big faith family. We choose to come together to worship The LORD, support one other in life, and to learn together what it means to represent Jesus well in our daily lives. We come from a variety of church and no-church backgrounds. So whether you are a long-time follower of Jesus or someone who wants to know more about what faith in Christ is about … you will be warmly welcomed at REVIVE Alexandria at the Church on the hill.

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COVID-19 Service Update

If you are comfortable meeting in person and are not personally experiencing Covid symptoms, we would invite you to join us for in-person Sunday morning worship services at 11:15 AM.

Please wear a mask and follow social distancing protocols.  

Worship services will continue to be posted to the REVIVE Youtube Channel on Sunday afternoon. 

For more information please contact Pastor Bruce at
613 360 3496. 

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